shooting star
organic farm

Shooting Star Organic Farm (formerly Shooting Star CSA) is a 15 acre, CCOF-certified organic farm located in the Suisun Valley, in Fairfield, California. Now in our ninth year of operation, we grow a select mix of high quality crops for farmers markets. We operated a successful CSA program from 2009-2016, and are now taking the farm’s production in a new direction.

Our warm summer climate and fertile soil makes for some of the tastiest vegetables, sweetest melons, and happiest customers.

Top quality produce is our pride, and growing it is our joy. Local food security is our civic duty. Our mission at Shooting Star Organic Farm is to provide our customers with nourishing, nutritionally dense vegetables and melons that are the best they’ve ever had.



Welcome to our Farm

707-207-0548 / / PO BOX 3087, Fairfield, CA 94533